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Authentic Reasons to Make Use of Facial Protection Equipment

Authentic Reasons to Make Use of Facial Protection Equipment 

At present, coronavirus cases are climbing in many parts of the world. To combat that, the healthcare experts are requesting the public to protect their faces in the best possible way. Facial protection equipment mainly consists of face masks as well as face shields. In fact, we often come across face shields in hospitals and doctors’ clinics these days.

These are a type of personal protective equipment covering the entire face of the user. As compared to face masks, these shields are more effective in safeguarding the user in the long run. However, one will get the maximum benefit of wearing facial protection equipment by using a face shield along with a mask.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using both types of personal protective equipment in brief.

Benefits of using face masks

1. For safeguarding other individuals

The main way in which an infection such as corona virus spreads from an individual to another is through respiratory droplets. It spreads when an infected person sneezes, coughs, or even talks. However, these droplets are blocked effectively by facial protection devices like face masks. They act as an obstacle for preventing the infected particles from landing on another person after escaping the infected individual.

2. For safeguarding you as well

As suggested by some studies face masks provide some sort of protection for the user. However, the protective benefits are more apparent when an individual covers his mouth as well as nose. Face mask helps in blocking the transmission of the virus with and reduces the chance of virus circulation. In this way, everybody’s risk for infection will be minimized to a great extent.

The healthcare professionals are ensuring that facial protection such as face masks can save many lives. In fact, many individuals are dying because of coronavirus right now. But the number can be decreased significantly by using of face masks. 

3. It might not be apparent to you that you’re contagious

However, it has been found that approximately 40% of the individuals affected with this virus do not show any symptoms as such. Therefore, it becomes quite difficult to identify the actual transmitter of the virus. For this reason, it would be a sensible idea to put on a mask even though you might think that you are healthy. This will help to prevent the spread of the virus to other individuals unknowingly.

Benefits of using face shields

1. Covers the entire face

One significant advantage of using this kind of facial protection gears is that they happen to be transparent. As compared to a face mask, a face shield safeguards the entire face of the user when put on properly. Besides this, they will also help the user to remember that they should not touch their face by any means. We tend to touch our faces quite frequently without realizing that germs can be spread by doing that. In fact, it is possible for germs to get into our bodies more easily through the opening of our noses and mouths as well as eyes. 

2. More comfortable

Face shields provides more comfort to the wearer as they are less restricted. It is mainly because they are more open as compared to the face masks. As a result, there will be less fogging while wearing them. Moreover, you will not find it difficult to talk wearing face shields, thus making communication more effective.


Therefore, these types of facial protection equipment mentioned in this article come in various shapes, sizes, and prices. Make sure to purchase items from a reputable brand and quality. For this, you can either go online or visit your local store as well. Make sure to buy one which makes you feel comfortable while wearing it.